Child-Centered Curriculum in Albuquerque, NM

Our 4 early child care learning center's have programs that are carefully planned to meet the needs of each child. A developmentally appropriate curriculum is used in all classrooms ranging from infants, toddlers, pre-K and school age children. We understand the importance of appropriate education to help prepare children for the exciting challenge of kindergarten, first grade and beyond.


Portrait of four kids sitting on a book—Preschool in Albuquerque, NM
Healthy infant development and effective infant education require care that is warm and responsive. We enrich your baby's environment with soft toys, colorful books and music.


Toddlers are beginning to think through their actions, solve problems and understand language. Toddlers learn by new experiences, by providing a safe, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually and happily. Our Learning Centers provide daily progress reports that include information on care routines for eating, napping and diapering.


Your two-year-old is ready to explore and discover the world around them. We enlighten your two-year-old's sense of discovery by providing a wide variety of educational toys, materials and learning activities. A fun, safe and enriching environment filled with self-directed activities will give your child the independence to enjoy and to help prepare them to make the transition into preschool. Two-year olds learn words so quickly and beginning to express thoughts. We use activities like reading books aloud, nursery rhymes and songs to expand your child's language skills.


Our centers understand that choosing the right pre-k with a strong pre-k curriculum is an important decision for your child's future. We want parents to feel comfortable they've chosen a preschool that focuses on learning, yet appreciates the significance of fun and interaction. Our curriculum offers pre-k math, language practice, music activities and much more. We know that you want your child to be cared for by teachers who keep them feeling safe and loved, while nurturing their individual personality and unique abilities. At our child care learning centers, your child will be given dedicated care!