Early Education in Albuquerque, NM


Our Mission

We believe our childcare learning centers serve as a vital extension to today's families by creating and maintaining an environment for stability with our caring trained teachers. In addition, learning through play and opportunities to make choices, our centers will meet the educational, social, physical, emotional needs for all children and there families.

Our Beliefs

We believe that children learn through play, hands-on experiences and interaction with other children. We believe the importance of providing educational training staff to meet each child's needs according to their growth and development level. Children grow and develop with support of our caring staff members providing safe and loving environments.

About ABQ Childcare Centers

Our first mission statement was to “provide tender loving care and education for each child.” Not much has changed over the years. We as a family all share the goal of making sure that your child knows they're special, by educating and preparing your children for the challenges of life. Our company principles for all our staff are to demonstrate love, integrity, generosity, self-discipline and hard work. The current management team has molded these values into their strategic plans and operating practices. These values are the reason our Childcare and Learning Centers have grown.